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EE 164 Problem Set 2 Spring 2004 Problem 1 A potential difference of 8.5V is applied across an intrinsic silicon semiconductor material with length 12mm, width 3mm and height 1.5mm. a) Find the carrier velocities b) Find the current density Problem 2 An extrinsic semiconductor exhibits material conductivity of 75 Sm . If the hole density is 12 3 6.3 10 charges m × , compute electron density and determine the type of semiconductor material. Problem 3: The impurity content of silicon PN junction is
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Unformatted text preview: 23 3 1.5 10 acceptors m × for the P-type and 21 3 0.85 10 donors m × for the N-type semiconductor materials. If the device is operating at 35 C ° Calculate the barrier voltage B V . Problem 4: Calculate the operating temperature of a silicon diode when forward biased with a biasing voltage of 0.75 V generates a forward current of 20 A µ . The device operating characteristics are as follows: Saturation current 0.32 pA at 20 C ° Emission coefficiency 1.25...
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