EE 164 Problem Set 8 Solution

EE 164 Problem Set 8 Solution - The fiber’s loss is 4...

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EE 164 Problem Set 8 Spring 2005 Problem 1: Plot the spot size versus wavelength for a SI fiber whose single-mode cutoff wavelength is 1250 nm and whose NA is 0.1. The wavelength range should be 1250-1600 nm. Also, compute and plot the lateral offset loss versus wavelength if the offset is 1 m µ . Problem 2: A SI fiber has a 100 m core diameter and a value of 0.28 NA. Design a lensed connector with the lens that has a 3 mm diameter. Compute the allowable lateral offset for a 0.8-dB loss.
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Problem 3: A large-core multimode SI fiber is excited by a surface-emitting LED. The fiber’s NA is 0.2. The LED’s output power is 5 mW.
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Unformatted text preview: The fiber’s loss is 4 dB/km. Compute the power in the fiber at 1 m, 1 km, and 10 km. Repeat this problem if the fiber now has NA = 0.5 and a loss of 500 dB/km. Problem 4: Two multimode fibers are being connected with an air gap between them. The air gap is now filled with an index-matching fluid that is not perfect: It has a refractive index of 1.4, while the fiber core has an index of 1.48. Compute the reflected-power level (in dB) with respect to the incident-power level. Include the two interfaces (fiber-to-matching fluid and matching-fluid-to-fiber)....
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EE 164 Problem Set 8 Solution - The fiber’s loss is 4...

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