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Quiz 1 - 5. The power into an optical amplifier is 5mW. The...

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Quiz 1 Simple questions about optical power? 1. What is -7dBm in mW? 2. What is 40mW in dBm? 3. The input power to a 5km fibre is 20mW. The fibre loss is 0.4dB/km. What is the output power in mW? 4. An optical signal passes into an ideal 50/50 fibre optic power splitter. What is the loss in dB when you examine one of the output ports?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The power into an optical amplifier is 5mW. The gain of the amplifier is 23dB and the saturation output power is 33dBm. What would the amplifiers output power be in mW? 6. The input power is increased to 20mW what would the new output power be?...
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