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Quiz 2 - 4 What is the wavelength separation in nanometers...

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Quiz 2 More simple questions: 1. A NRZ system uses a 12GHz transmitter and receiver and has a 10km fibre link with a D = -18ps/nm/km. The transmitter has a spectral width of 0.1nm. What is the maximum transmission rate? 2. A Gaussian pulse with a width of 5ps is past through a 5km fibre with a dispersion parameter β 2 =20ps 2 /km. What is the output pulse width? 3. What is the frequency of an optical carrier at 1552nm?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the wavelength separation in nanometers of two channels which are 50GHz apart at approximately 1550nm? 5. What is the peak-to-peak voltage of a 10dBm electrical signal into a 50 Ω load? 6. A -13dBm optical signal is incident on a photodiode with a response of 0.6A/W, this is followed by a transimpedance amplifier with a transimpedance of 11k Ω , what is the output voltage?...
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