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3.22.2011- Baptist - Baptist Identity Baptist Founder 400...

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Baptist Identity Baptist Founder? 400 Years Old in 1609 Baptists have no “well-known” founder like the Lutherans (Martin Luther) or the Methodists (John Wesley) or the Presbyterian tradition (John Calvin) For much of Baptist history, most Baptists would have said the Baptist church was founded when John the BAPTIST baptized Jesus in the Jordan River Argued that they were the oldest religion Real Baptist Origins Baptists are Protestants and develop out of the English Protestant Reformation First church by Englishmen, John Smyth and Thomas Helwys, in Holland (1609) *From the Puritan Separatist movement in England Baptist Grow by Splitting!! o Split over idea of “succession” o Smyth wanted to join the Mennonites o Helwys said ‘We are founded on obeying the Bible, not on connection to another church’ o Helwys forms first Baptist church in England o Smyth wanted to become a Mennonites but Helwys disagrees, wanted to go back to the Bible Early Baptist Theology o General Baptists (Arminian) o Particular Baptists develop in 1640s (Calvinistic) Follow Puritan theology New Testament Restorationism Back to the Bible Protestant Sola Scriptura (Bible is Authority for Faith and Practice) Biblicism Split from Separatist Puritans over Baptism
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3.22.2011- Baptist - Baptist Identity Baptist Founder 400...

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