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Chapter 12 Notes

Chapter 12 Notes - I ngrid Shih BIO 1305-08 25 October 2010...

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Ingrid Shih BIO 1305-08 25 October 2010 Inheritance, Genes, and Chromosomes 12.1- What Are the Mendelian Laws of Inheritance? Early ideas of heredity Each parent contributes equally to offspring o Reciprocal crosses- which plants were crossed in both directions Hereditary determinants blend in offspring. Mendel brought new methods to experiments on inheritance Austrian monk Father of Modern Genetics Studied under Doppler at the University of Vienna Over a 7-year period, Mendel spent working out some principles of inheritance in plants, Mendel made crosses with hundreds of plants and noted the resulting characteristics of 24,034 progeny. Work is a definitive example of extensive preparation, meticulous execution and imaginative but logical interpretation. Mendel devised a careful research plan Studies the common garden pea o Ease of cultivation o Feasibility of controlled pollination o Varieties with contrasting traits Character - is an observable physical feature Trait
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