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Chapter 19 Notes - C hapter 19 Notes- D ifferential G ene...

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Chapter 19 Notes- Differential Gene Expression in Development 19.1- What are the Processes of Development? Development- process by which a multicellular organism, beginning with a single cell, goes through a series of changes, taking on the successive from that characterize its life cycle. Fertilized egg- zygote Earliest stages of development a plant or animal- embryo Development involves distinct but overlapping processes Developmental changes an organism from embryo to adulthood involves 4 stages: o Determination - sets the developmental fate of a cell- what type of cell it will become o Differentiation - process by which different types of cells arise, leading to cells with specific structures and functions o Morphogenesis - organization and spatial distribution of differentiated cells into multicellular body and its organs Involves differential gene expression and the interplay of signals between cells: Cell division- important in both plants and animals Cell expansion- where a cell’s position and shape are constrained by the
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Chapter 19 Notes - C hapter 19 Notes- D ifferential G ene...

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