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Amos Eighth Century Prophet of the North

Amos Eighth Century Prophet of the North - Ingrid Shih REL...

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Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 30 September 2010 Amos: Eighth-Century Prophet of the North From Tekoa, a little village outside of Jerusalem in the south 1. Relationship of Historical Prophets to Prophetic Books 2. Hebrew Prophecy and Prophet a. Prophets are people who predict the futures b. Books of Prophets: when you read them carefully, there’s actually very little in the books that are “prophetic” in them. c. Prophets as Fore-tellers: the predictive nature of Hebrew prophecy d. Prophets as Forth-tellers: the social justice of Hebrew prophecy e. “Prophecy is the voice God has lent to the silent agony of mankind.” Abraham Heschel i. The prophets are the ones who speak on behalf of the alienated, the disenfranchised people. 3. The Book of Amos a. Powerful language has esthetic quality to it b. The format of the book- like a poem i. Rhythmic ii. Beautiful iii. Power iv. Eloquence 4. Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”- Prophet speaking a. Modern leader of our nation: Martin Luther King b. Why Washington? Because it’s where the power is
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