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Christianity between Jesus and Paul

Christianity between Jesus and Paul - Ingrid Shih REL...

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Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 4 November 2010 Christianity between Jesus and Paul: The Witness of the Acts of the Apostles Overview of Acts 1. The People and Places of the Jerusalem Church Acts 1-12- Death and Resurrection of Jesus because something happened that caused the Apostles to come out and tell the story of Jesus a. Paul has his view changed on the way to Desmascus. b. Why? The first gathering of the following of Jesus was here, the mother church, where Paul keeps returning c. The Sense of a Beginning 1:1-7:60 i. Luke has a vested interest in something happening ii. Matthew: Judas hangs himself vs Luke: Runs out and his bowels fall out (EWWWW) iii. The death of Judas: 11 apostles left. 12 represents the 12 tribes and Jesus’s intention to restore the 12 tribes iv. The beginning of the mission of the apostles has to parallel Jesus’ public ministry 1. Dove (Holy Spirit)- Jesus is filled by the Spirit, at Pentecost, the 12 apostles are filled by the Spirit 2.
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