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Royal History - Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 28 September 2010...

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Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 28 September 2010 The “Royal History”: From the Death of David (962 B.C.) to the Destruction of Jerusalem (587 B.C) The “Royal History”: 1 and 2 Kings 1. The Reign of Solomon ( 1 Kings 1-11) 2. Israel and Judah (1 Kings 12- 2 Kings 17) a. Israel in north, Judah in south b. Israel falls then Judah falls in 587 B.C Two Assumptions 1. In the Tanak, the Royal History is not ”history”; but it part of the former Prophets 2. Thus the Royal History is not bare history interesting in accurately reporting “factual data rather it is theological commentary in that way YHWH is an active decisive e agent sin the lived public experience of Israel Four reference points in this theological commentary 1. Holy City- Jerusalem a. The defining act is that in the end, Jerusalem was destroyed by Babylon and its ruler, Nebuchadnezzar who was acting on behalf of YHWH who wills the destruction 2. Holy Temple a. The narrative is also preoccupied with the role of the Temple , the symbol of God’s presence
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