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James The Moral Life: Epistle of James Authorship o Literary evidence: James, the Lord’s brother received control of the Church, together with the apostles. He is called James the Righteous by everyone from the Lord’s tiem till our own, for there were many named James. This one was holy from his brith; he drink no wine or intoxicating liquor and ate no meat; no razor came near his head; he did not smear himself with oil and did not go to the baths… And alone he would enter the Temple and be found on his knees, praying for forgiveness for the people so that his knees grew hard like a camel’s Recent controversy: The Ossuary (Bone box) of James, song of Joseph, brother of Jesus o The names were not that uncommon in the 1 st century o However, the last part, “brother of Jesus” was not the same age as the other writings before it James and Jewish traditions
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Unformatted text preview: o Citations of Jewish Scriptures James 2:8-Leviticus o Similarities with Jewish wisdom traditions o Jewish book of wisdom • James and Paul o Paul says, we are saved by faith and grave alone o James says, faith w/o works is dead o Paul’s fruits of the sprit = James “wisdom form above”- Christian life • Echoes of the Teachings of Jesus in the Epistle of James o The book of James only mentions Christ twice- which is why people think that this is a Jewish book with a very slim Christian veneer o James used the word “Blessed” just like Jesus did- tempted or tested of your faith o Do not swear at all, either by heaven… or by earth- on swearing o Do no store up for yourselves treasure- on riches • Major teachings o Testing produces joy (1:2-4) o Wisdom through prayer (1:5-8) o Poverty Excels Wealth (1:9-11)...
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