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Pauline Christianity

Pauline Christianity - Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 11 November...

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Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 11 November 2010 Pauline Christianity The Witness of Acts: Paul in Acts 13-28 Paul- the second most influential person, next to Jesus, in terms of shaping the theology and the organization of the church, Part II. The Missionary Activities of Paul Acts 13-28 1. Paul’s Mission to the Gentile World, 13-19 a. Paul’s Initial Missionary Campaign, 13:1-14:28 b. The Conference in Jerusalem 2. Paul’s Farewell Journey, 20-28 3. Book of Acts ends with Paul in jail in Rome The Writings Undisputed and Disputed Letters o Undis: Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, Philemon o Disputed: 2 Thessalonians, Colossians, Ephesians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus (1,2 Timothy and Titus are known as Pastoral epistles) Listed in increasing undis/disputed writings Paul probably did not write much, he probably dictated to a scribe (most likely) Paul could have asked a scribe to write the letter, bring it back and he will correct it. (Moving away from Paul actually writing it) Disciple wrote a letter in Paul’s name and distributed in Paul’s authority (In modern sense, Paul did not have written this) Opponent writes to correct what Paul has said- if this was the case, Paul definitely did not write this Outline of Paul’s Life (Not on final) A.D. 10- Born in Taurus 35 (or 32)- Called by God to be apostle to Gentiles 35-50- Missionary activity 50-52- Missionary acitiving in Corinth and environs, 1,2 Thess 52-55- Missionary activity in Ephesus and environs 56- Corinth; Romans 60+ Martrydom- beheaded, in book of Paul, milk comes out instead of blood Form of P.’s Letters Damas, assistant, to Artemidora, my wife, greeting. Before all else, I make supplication for you every day. Please come up to the metropolis at the New Year, since I am coming up to the city. o Salaute your mother and your father. I pray for your health Author- at the beginning of letter Salutation o Sender o Recipient o Greeting Thanksgiving
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Ingrid Shih REL 1310-31 11 November 2010 Body (theology, ethics) Closing o Peach wish o Greetings o Kiss o Apostolic Command o Benediction Contest of P.’s Letters Judaizers (which letter: Galatians) o Believes that Gentiles should become Jews before becoming Christians o Paul’s reaction- circumcision was not required for Gentiles to become Christians Enthusiasts (1 Corinthians) o
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