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Chapter 34 - I ngrid Shih BIO 1306-04 4 March 2011 Chapter...

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Ingrid Shih BIO 1306-04 4 March 2011 Chapter 34: The Plant Body The Plant Body Importance of Plants o Food o Oxygen o CO2 removal o Building materials Ligaments o Habitat maintenance Plant trees to anchor soil 34.1 What is the Basic Body Plan of Plants? Plants: Harvest energy from sunlight o Carbohydrate CO2 +H20 C6H12O6 + O2 Face challenge of collecting sparse resource from soil without the ability to move around Use steams, leaves, and roots to stay in one spot and capture resources Compensate for immobility by growing throughout their lifetimes and redirecting growth in response to environmental cues All vascular plants have essentially the same structural organization o They have 3 types of organs Roots Stems Leaves o These organs are organized into 2 systems: Root system: provides support and nutrition May be 120x larger than shoot system o 4-mth-old winter rye with 13 million branches (500 km) Anchors plant and stabilizes soil Absorbs water and dissolved minerals May store products of photosynthesis Arises from embryonic root called the radical (‘”root”) 2 Major Root Systems: o Taproot Common in eudicots
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Ingrid Shih BIO 1306-04 4 March 2011 Taproot (primary root) o Sing, large, deep-growing root o May also function as food storage (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes) Later roots Smaller outgrowths Provide larger surface area for absorption Root hairs Extensions of individual plant cells (not made of cells) Greatly increases SA Replaced constantly Analogous to microvilli in animals (microvilli can retract) Evenly distributed due to their secretion of substances that prevent adjacent cells from forming o Fibrous Common in monocots Also called adventitious roots (arriving from outside) Thin roots coming from stem at or below ground
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Chapter 34 - I ngrid Shih BIO 1306-04 4 March 2011 Chapter...

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