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MGT 368 (Section: 7) Take-home Midterm (Spring 2011) Faculty: SfR Total Grade Points: 20 Deliverables: Task: Prepare a consultancy report for Mr. Doug Bell [President and Majority Shareholder] with clear expansion direction and supportive implementation plan to accommodate the current growth and ensure future expansion of DAYTON. Note: Make sure you do a thorough analysis of the major issues DAYTON Inc is facing at the moment. In order to come-up with your recommendation, you need to do a quantitative (when required) and qualitative analysis of the industry (for various product-lines), Dayton Inc (company analysis with focus on current strategy), competition (in different industry) and also any relevant issues (such as supplier, distribution, customers and so on) discussed in the case. Your recommendations should be Mutually Exclusive and backed-up by facts and figures derived only from the case. You are also recommended to go over the lectures on Business Case Analysis (Lec 3), Strategy (Lec 3), Marketing (Lec 8),
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