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PS 147 - What has been the 3rd world response to external...

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What has been the 3 rd world response to external actors? 1. G77 its New International Economic Order (NIEO) o first example of third world mobilization against powerful external actors o G77 came about 60s and 70s now has 123 countries o highly influenced by dependency theory and believe neorealisma nd external balancing. Unify to balance against g6 o ban together to as a single entity advocate for economic and political priorities. Politically g77 correlated with nonaliance economically g77 talked negative terms of trade and asked for favorable trade. Wanted access to wealthy nations market renogtiation of contracts wanted more developing assitence. more world bank money New international economic order was the dependency view of how global economic relationship should be alternative to west. Problem collective action expanded hard to keep coaltion together never able to push economic agenda ecause of ideological differences. bric
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