PS147MNC - Multination Corporation (MNCs) Definitions...

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Multination Corporation (MNCs) Definitions Companies that are based in one country, usually where their shareholders are, but do business in another country The other country where is MNC”s have additional affiliated branches are referred to as a host country. Currently 80,000 MNCs. o top MNC’s have more revenue than lowest 10 states. IN age of globalization power of MNCs have threaten if not undermined the power of the state. o they are looked as threatening to the state and no longer looked as obedient to their home countries. The vast majorities of MNCs come from an area referred to as the triad o Europe o Japan o USA Triad is home of the MNCs o 85 come from the triads o they do the business within the triad because there exisits security, big markets and opportunity for profit o we have been seeing a trend where MNC’s investment money are starting to move into the developing countries at rates that both the open world likes and resents o MNC’s activity are increasingly addressing the developing world. 50% of all Foreign directed Investment goes to those 5 countries.
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PS147MNC - Multination Corporation (MNCs) Definitions...

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