ps1474 - (Rostow 1.When&Whyestablished o WhenEstablished...

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The Modernization Paradigm (Rostow) o When Established popular during the late 1950 and 60s cold war o Why established Development economics based on Keynesianism was  dominated by economists. People wanted a model that looked beyond economic  consideration  Modernization theory: Political and social variables are  taken into consideration Cold War feared poor nations might join the communist. Wanted a model to better people lives 2.  What exactly is the explanation?  o a. Logic of the argument Modernization paradigm question focused on is “What causes  development?” Answer: Modernization Looked at who was developed and took their model of  modernization  Modernizations view on traditionalism traditionalism viewed as bad non democratic/capitalistic/industrialized also viewed as bad
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traditional societal relationships looked as traditional which  was bad i.e. religion, classism, merit looked as good had to root out traditionalism replace it with the western conception modernity (westernization) 3.  How does this work?  o a. Case in point: W.W. Rostow’s  The Take  Off  Into Self-Sustaining  Growth advocates a distinct process of becoming modern
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ps1474 - (Rostow 1.When&Whyestablished o WhenEstablished...

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