ps1475 - 1.26.2011 ComparingTheoriesofDevelopment...

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1.26.2011 Comparing Theories of Development How do they view Progress o Linear Lenin Merx Weber (aren’t talking about deveopment more capatalsm)  Kunet Rostow Modernization Theory 1970s show some countries developing (argentina south east  Asia showed linear wasn’t correct o Non Linear Dependency Neo Liberalism Post Development Economic or Not o Neo Liberalism (economic o Marxism  o Dependency (Not Economic) o Modernization (Economic) o Post Development (Political or Social) Development being state led vs. market led o Market Led Neoliberalism get state out and let markets open and free Devendency Think state needs to take an active role in development
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Develpoment State Asian tigers o Singapore o Taiwon o Hong kong Says bad to be reliant but these states built  industrialization by having close relations EOI Export oriencted income
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ps1475 - 1.26.2011 ComparingTheoriesofDevelopment...

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