ps1476 - British used this and there colonies were...

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1.19.2011 Test February 1 st Classical Approaches  Marx o Is he really talking about development He is focuses on the domestic arena Lenin expands it and that where we incorporates ideas of  imperialism Weber o Protestant Ethic Capitalism Modernization Theory Kuzenet o Know about Kuznets curve Rostow o Progress linear and once you are on that rode you will continue to  go down that road. 5 staages 1.  2. 3. 4. 5. Colonialism o Direct Send there own nationals to colonize the government Direct rule and then you have independnce the institutions that  were functioning are no longer because know one knows how to  operatre it. Belgium was the worst
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Used minority class ruling over majority classes o Indirect You allow a managerial group to run the country
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Unformatted text preview: British used this and there colonies were generally more successful. More experience with democrats Imperialism vs. Colonialism distinction o Colonialism Steeling and occupying of territory o Imperialism Political and economic goals. Extention of markets Dependency Theroy o Neo colonial use, underdevelopment is a symptom of cpatalism are kept dependent o Awknowledges the fact that there are specific mecanism because of imperiams that set in place that create a syscle of expoitation 1970 o regan and thatcher neo liberal structure pro-market anti government/state The Washington Consensus o Paul Streeten Deloma o Integration o Pro poor policy Millenium development goal...
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ps1476 - British used this and there colonies were...

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