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Conflict Resolution - identified a method can be agreed...

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When faced with the scenario of two young men arguing with the dispute about to turn physical plus two girlfriends in the back starting to yell at each other. First step would be to get the two men separated before they did became physical. When separated it is easier to obtain a statement from each individual. Second step the two girlfriends will need to be separated since there is a chance of them becoming physical. The situation has 4 individuals that need to be separated, in a incident as this usually at least two officers are on the scene. If need be hook them all up and put at least one in each car, if need be separate them all so that statements do not get made up and sided on. Use each individual against the other if need be to obtain a truthful statement. The main key is to completely understand the disagreement among the parties as well as what started it. Once the issues have been
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Unformatted text preview: identified a method can be agreed upon in order to settle the matter. You maybe able to negotiate a solution with the individuals with an agreement made between them. If parties are unable to obtain an agreement among themselves then the officer should attempt to inform the parties of the possible outcome of the situation. At this point the parties could be told that if an agreement can not be found among themselves then they can go to jail and then sort it out in court. Once the officer and parties can come to terms of an agreement then the officer should implement the agreement among the parties as well as monitor the parties when needed. Most of the time an officer can talk a situation as this into an agreement among the parties until the next time tempers fly....
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