1102, the first draft - Wang 1 Liang Wang Dr. Stevens...

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Wang 1 Liang Wang Dr. Stevens English 1102 28 January 2008 Romance/Research: Romance Analyzing Pg 288#2 What is dating like? When I’m not at school or stay at home, I am usually online—my friends and I have been addicted to MySpace for years. We are always posting messages and pictures for each other. Actually, MySpace is a fun way to date. It is indeed a good way to date through the Internet if we know how to protect ourselves. In June 2004, when I was a sophomore in high school, my best girl-friend started online dating with Chris, a cute senior. She told me that they always talked to each other online. He was so fun to be with and he was a great listener—she was totally in love. Before the Internet became popular, people usually chose friends based on their appearances. However, the Internet offers us a good opportunity to know about their real personality. Nevertheless first impressions also play a crucial role in attracting attention and capturing the visitor’s interests. According to Jennifer Egan’s essay “Love in the Time of No Time”, we find online dating, job hunting, and shopping have the same function: to make people more confident. However, online dating has another side: many violent and sexual types of rubbish fill the Internet, and a lot of people use disgusting names, such as "a
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murder" and "romance one night." The disadvantage makes online dating just like playing a game: no   seriousness, no safety and no guarantee. Wang 2
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1102, the first draft - Wang 1 Liang Wang Dr. Stevens...

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