presentation Evaluation for Yang Yang

presentation Evaluation for Yang Yang - attention for...

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The academic speech was given by Yang Yang. Why I choose her presentation? Because I have more interested in her topic and also her topic has a great relationship with most Chinese people. Her topic is “China Earthquake on May 12”. Obviously, the earthquake is enormous because it made so many people dead. As a Chinese university student, I was attracted by the topic about the Chinese earthquake on May 12. Therefore, I am going to analyze this presentation from my own perspective. This is a good speech. The orator has done a lot of research about the reason of earthquake on May 12, 2008. She used some information of geology to explain the important reason for the earthquake in China. Therefore, the content is powerful and authoritative. Most people have already knew that the earthquake take a great effective in the world. When the orator mentioned this news, most audience paid
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Unformatted text preview: attention for this. In her presentation, the organization is clear enough for the audience to perceive the presenter’s plan. Her voice is appropriate and her pronunciation is clear. Her speaking speed is fine. He used some visual aids to help the audiences to understand it, such as pictures of Power Point. However, I also have some advice for her. There are three parts which she could increase. The first one is “eye contact” because I feel she read a lot during her speech. The second one is “avoided nervous mannerisms”. I could feel that she was a little nervous at the beginning. If she can improve these aspects, I think she will have a great progress in her speech. In conclusion, this is a successful academic speech. Though the presenter has a little defect, I got some important knowledge about the reason of earthquake in China....
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presentation Evaluation for Yang Yang - attention for...

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