Determination II

Determination II - Pre-Experiment Sheet Name Amanda Skal...

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Unformatted text preview: Pre-Experiment Sheet Name: Amanda Skal Title of Experiment: Equilibrium Constant Determination of Iron(III) thiocyanate Complete the pre-experiment assignment and provide appropriate entries for the items below. Use complete sentences and thoughts in standard written English. Excessively long entries may score lower – technical writing is about clarity AND brevity. Turn in this sheet at the beginning of the laboratory period with any other pre-experiment assignment(s) Purpose: (one sentence unless it is a two part experiment with discrete goals for each part) In this experiment, the equilibrium constant will be calculated by constructing a calibration curve using absorbance and concentration from solutions that have been calibrated. Learning Objectives: (covering techniques & concepts) In order to perform this experiment, Beer’s law, dilution calculations, and calculating the equilibrium constant will be reviewed. Also reviewed are the concepts of using a spectrophotometer and graphing a constant will be reviewed....
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