Lab1 F08 - LS1A Fall 2008 Lab 1 Its all fun and games until...

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LS1A Fall 2008 Lab 1: It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye (AKA Chemistry lab safety and pipette use) Goals of the lab: 1. To introduce you to safe laboratory practices 2. To orient you to your new lab surroundings 3. To prepare you for using micropipettors correctly Please read through the content below before arriving in the laboratory for the first lab. When you do arrive for your first day of lab, please arrive with: • this lab manual • your lab notebook • clothes that cover your legs • shoes that cover your entire feet • a calculator I. Safety General Safety Considerations A chemistry lab can be a dangerous place to work. There are flammable solvents, toxic and corrosive chemicals, electrical equipment, delicate glassware, and more. The potential for injury from these dangers can be minimized if you are aware of and follow proper safety procedures. The most important safety precaution you can take is to come to lab prepared and to think about what you are doing . The most dangerous thing in a lab is an unprepared student trying to carry out a procedure he or she does not understand. Eye protection Safety goggles, located just inside the entrance to Science Center 117 and Science Center 212, must be worn in the lab at all times. They must be worn from the time you start the experiment until the second you leave, even if you are not doing chemistry. There are absolutely no exceptions. The American Chemical Society has determined that only safety goggles, not safety glasses, provide adequate protection for students in a chemistry laboratory. The American Chemical Society has determined that contacts, when worn in conjunction with safety goggles, are permissible in a chemistry laboratory. We have adopted their recommendation as our policy. Should you get something in your eyes while wearing contacts, make sure to tell your TF or medical personnel that you are wearing contacts.
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LS1A Fall 2008 Clothing Wear long pants, preferably something sturdy like jeans, and closed-toed shoes. No shorts or open-toed shoes are permitted in the laboratory. You will be immediately sent home if you enter the lab wearing shorts, sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, etc. There are lab coats available on the coat racks for those who want to use them. The possibility of ruining your clothing exists so do not wear clothes you cannot live without. Most damage to clothing shows up after you’ve washed them (so don’t take it out on the machine). If you have long hair, tie it back. Gloves You should wear gloves any time you’re working in the lab. You will find latex- free disposable purple nitrile “Microgrip” gloves (S, M, L, XL) in the lab. They are only designed to protect you from splashes and other incidental contact with chemicals. Acids, bases, and organic solvents will penetrate quickly through these gloves, so you should not continue to wear a pair of gloves if you have spilled anything on them. Even if you haven’t spilled anything on them, you
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Lab1 F08 - LS1A Fall 2008 Lab 1 Its all fun and games until...

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