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LS1A Course Info F09

LS1A Course Info F09 - Life Sciences 1A An Integrated...

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1 Life Sciences 1A: An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology Course Faculty: Robert Lue and Daniel Kahne Half course (fall term). Tu., Th., 1-2:30 in Science Center Hall B and three hours of laboratory/discussion weekly. What are the fundamental features of living systems? What are the molecules that impart these features, and how do their chemical properties explain their biological roles? The answers to these questions form the basis for an understanding of the molecules of life, the cell, diseases, and medicines. In contrast with a traditional presentation of relevant scientific disciplines in separate courses, the above concepts are examined through an integrated presentation of chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology framed within three cases: the cell as the fundamental unit of life, the biology of HIV, and cancer. Contact Information Prof. Robert A. Lue: Harvard University Biolabs, room 1081 ([email protected]) Prof. Daniel E. Kahne: Naito Chemistry Labs, room 104 ([email protected]) Course Preceptors (Main office: Harvard University Biolabs, room 1090): Elizabeth Heller Christov Roberson Email : [email protected] Course requirements Lectures Lectures are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:30 pm in Science Center Hall B. Arrive no later than 1:07 pm, as lectures and lecture Break-Outs (see below) will begin promptly at 1:07. Attending lecture is a crucial component of learning the material presented in this course, and it cannot be adequately replaced by other means.
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2 Textbooks In the past students have found the lecture notes posted on the website after each lecture to be the best reading material for Life Sciences 1a. There are no required textbooks. If you would like additional reading to clarify a concept we suggest the following two textbooks used in previous years. There will be copies on reserve in Cabot library. Alberts et. al., Essential Cell Biology McMurry et. al., General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry Lecture Break-Outs A Break-Out is a discussion among students and faculty during lecture that culminates in a multiple choice question based on concepts taught in lecture. Students will answer using a personal response system (PRS) that will be issued
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LS1A Course Info F09 - Life Sciences 1A An Integrated...

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