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Clever hans: Smart horse who reacted based on 1. Expectancy effects, particpant characteristics, and unconcious movements. You have to be skeptical about sensational occurrences. . Hans had controlled limits. A good scientific theory must be able to be proven false by some kind of possiblility. Data is objective observations and measurements that are vaiables. These are manipulated or measured in research. Operational definition: a description of a property in concrete measurable terms. Shoe sizes differ based on country. Have a very precice definition as to what variables you are measuring or manipulating. Research should have 1. Study design 2. Research Setting 3. Data collection methods.
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Unformatted text preview: Study design should have a control and explanation. Correlation studies should have description and prediction. Confound is an extraneous variable. .. Procrastination of students, students stop going to class if given podcasts. When creating an experiment, assign people to the control and variable groups randomly and independently. Correlational Studies: Random assignment is impossible because of the fact you cannot force people to do anything. Example in a condom study, controlling variables is difficult or impossible. The environment of a study is crucial. .. Kids will act more natural in comfortable places such as a playground as opposed to in a laboratory....
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