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Psychology Notes Lecture 4 - Glial Cells produce Myelin...

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Frontal Lobe contains ability to make long term decisions. Remember the gambler man. Frontal Lobe “homunculus” Parietal Lobe: Touch Somatosensory neglect: Person does not acknowledge a body part as their own. Contralateral Connection: Kick to the right parietal lobe= neglect left side of body Sensory Neurons: 1. Sensory, Interneuron, Motor Neuron. Neurons send signals send signals via action potential (neuron firing) within a single neuron.
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Unformatted text preview: Glial Cells produce Myelin, which are fatty insulators that wrap around axons. ... Ion movement is only possible at nodes. Schwann cells wrap around the axon as well. .. Sausage links. Multiple Sclerosis: self destroys myelin, which decreases the action potential transmission. Receptors getting activated via lock and key and either promote or inhibit certain signals. Hippocampus is related to memory....
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