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Tuesday 6:10 in Young 198 Review Session Sensory Memory: The imaged that flashed by is retained in the senses for a short time after the image is removed. Iconic: Visual form. Echoic:Auditory. Rehersal puts a memory into a show. The limit of short Short term memory can be used as : Serial Memory: Semantic Memory is the memorization of facts Episodic is based on your own specific experiences. Procedural is how to play the piano. Mental States encourage the ability to recall thoughts. When in the same state as when you were encoding, it is easier to recall. The way in which we encode things can influence the method that must be used to retrieve the same
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Unformatted text preview: information. ... Study in the same way which you'll be tested. Hippocampus is just an information processor, not a storage site. The cortex determines a location of a memory. If damaged, would prevent the remembering as past memories and events. Called retrograde amnesia. Damage to hippocampus would cause a person to be unable to form new memorization to events. This is called Anterograde Amnesia. However, hippocampus is only important to episodic and explicit memories....
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