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Psychology Notes Lecture 8 - their own actions fell in line...

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Behaviorism: All behavior results from learning. There is classical and operant conditioning. Understanding mental events is needed to fully understand behavior. Day 11 mice had learned without the reinforcement of there being food. With motivation, they had less errors and eventually surpassed the mice who had rewards every day. They developed cognitive maps: mental representation of the physical features of the environment. Observational Learning: learn from watching others monkey see monkey do. Helpful in social settings. Children followed what the adults did to the doll and came up with new aggressive ways to hurt the doll. As for those who saw the model get punished or rewarded for various actions against the doll,
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Unformatted text preview: their own actions fell in line. Surface structure is the literal meaning. Deep structure is what is actually meant by the words. Phonemes have rules. Morphemes are the smallest meaningful unit of language “ed” “un” “s” “car” Words are made up of more than one morpheme. Fast mapping is learning a word from only 1 exposure. Telegraphic speech: just enough info in a sentence to get the information across. Text messaging style. However, does follow grammar order. Passive mastery is when they learn language by copying. Active is when they learn the structure and language on their own....
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