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Chemistry 1201 Review/Preview Chapter One Review Guide Dr. Saundra McGuire Spring 2007 Introduction: Matter and Measurement I. Basic Definitions Matter, substance, mixture, physical property, chemical property, intensive property, extensive property, physical change, chemical change, element, compound, mixture, atom, molecule, ion, isotope, etc. II. Elements and the Periodic Table - Know the names and symbols of the first twenty elements, and any additional ones commonly encountered in your class. Know the diatomic elements (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) group names for Group 1A, 2A, 7A, 8A, and the location of the transition metals and semimetals. III. Units of Measure and Conversions A. SI Units: meters, kilograms, seconds, Kelvins. Know all prefixes from 10 15 to 10 -15 . B. Conversions: English to metric, metric to English, compound units such as miles/hour to feet/second and grams/cm3 to kg/m3. IV.
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