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Chemistry 1201 Review/Preview Chapter Ten Review Guide Dr. Saundra McGuire Spring 2007 Director, Center for Academic Success Adj. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry Gases I. Characteristics of Gases Gases have many properties that are quite different from those of liquids and solids, as listed below. 1. Gases expand to fill their container. 2. The volume of a gas decreases when pressure is applied, and increases when pressure is decreased. 3. Gases mix freely to form homogeneous mixtures (solutions) regardless of the type of gas or the relative amounts of each gas. 4. Model that describes a gas as a collection of mo. 5. The individual molecules in a gas are very far apart. Most of the volume of a gas is empty space. 6. The molecules of a gas are spaced far apart and move around rapidly and randomly, colliding occasionally with one another or with the walls of the container. 7. Intermolecular forces are essentially non-existent because the molecules are too far apart and moving too rapidly to attract or repel each other. Gas samples are typically described in terms of four variables -- pressure, volume, temperature, and number of moles present. II. Pressure A. Pressure definition and units Pressure is defined as force per unit area (P = F/A). The common units for pressure are: mm Hg (also known as torr), atmospheres, pascals, and kilopascals. See Section 10.1 of the text for conversion factors for pressure units. Do Sample Exercises 10.1 and 10.2 (without looking at the solutions.) B. Instruments for measuring pressure 1. barometer - used for measuring atmospheric pressure 2. manometer - used for measuring the pressure of a gas within a closed container. (Study Figures 10.2 and 10.3 on pages 402 and 403 of the text to fully
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Chem1201PReviewCh10 - Chemistry 1201 Review/Preview Chapter...

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