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Unformatted text preview: Introductions Introductions Prof. Prof. Nina Amenta ECS 10 Sept 26 Kefeng Tan Kelcey Chan A first programming class For For people with no programming experience Learn Learn the computer language Python Write Write six programs Vishal Ahuja 1 Why learn to program? Understand Understand computers Computers Computers are used in almost every career The The programs you have are never exactly what you you want. Example Example UCD UCD Student Health Center Director UCD UCD Medical Center Hospital medical record, or extension of current system Which to choose? Which to choose? How How to connect them? …By …By the end of this course you will be better able to make IT decisions like this. Another Another Example County County manager, trying to decide whether to build a new fire station Log Log books from fire houses in two different formats Need to get them both into Excel Need to get them both into Excel …by the end of this course, you can handle problems like this yourself. How does programming help? You You can handle little problems yourself You You know when you hire someone how big a job it is You have some idea of what is possible. id A good programmer has lots of job options good (you’ll need more than this one class, though) It teaches you to think! The The computer is a logic machine It It does exactly what you tell it to Your Your job is figuring out what to tell it Learning Learning the language is the easy part; learning to give exact directions is the hard part Imagine Imagine telling a Martian how to tie their shoes…. Why Python? Great Great for interfacing one program to another Free! Free! Used Used in industry – Google, ILM, NASA…. Easy Easy to get started with! Lots Lots of “modules” (plugins, add-ons) that do (plugins, addthings like sound editing, computational biology, Web database access….. 2 Other options ECS ECS 15 – More conceptual overview. Understanding how computers and the internet work, a little programming. ECS 30 More intensive class for those with ECS 30 – More intensive class for those with some some programming experience (Basic?). Learn C. Required for CS and CSE majors. Course Course Structure Six Six programs – 31% of grade. Tentative Tentative breakdown: “hello” “hello” – 1% “b “battleground states” – 6% “mortgage” “mortgage” – 6% “line “line drawing” – 6% “data” “data” – 6% “graphing” “graphing” – 6% FIRST FIRST PROGRM DUE 10PM WDS OCT 1 Exams Two Two midterms – 20% each 10/20 10/20 and 11/19 If If you miss the midterm, either: Give Give me a note from Student Health Get Get permission at least one week ahead of time Keeping Up Very Very fast until first midterm. If If you keep up for the first month, you will be fine. If If you don’t, you will be in trouble. Final Final – 29% Dec Dec 8, 8:00-10:00 AM in this room 8:00DO DO NOT leave campus before this final All All exams open book, open notes Weekly activities Lecture Lecture – 3 hours If If you have a laptop, maybe try typing along. Lab Hours We We have open lab hours in the 2020 SLB, a “computer classroom” . M 12-2 Kefeng Tan 12T 11-1 Kelcey Chan 11 Ch W 11-1 Kefeng Tan, Kelcey Chan 11R 1-3 Vishal Ahuja 1F 3-5 Vishal Ahuja 3- Discussion Discussion section – 1 hour Bring laptops Lab Lab hours – 10 hours, optional For For help with programs. Office Office hours – 1 hour, optional Administrative Administrative things. I will not help you with your program during office hours. Sometimes Sometimes in use by other classes Python Python also in 75 Hutchinson, an Open Access Lab, and 1131 Meyers (for ECS 15). 3 Map ECS ECS 10 geography Flash drive If If you work in the computer classrooms, you should bring a flash drive. Professional Professional Conduct I am expecting professional, adult behavior am Politeness Politeness No No eating in class No phone calls “Business “Business letter” emails Getting started! First First assignment due evening of Wds 10/1 Get Get on a computer and start Web browser Find Find first assignment on course Web site: Honesty Honesty Write Write and understand every line of every program No cut-andNo cut-and-paste No No looking at other people’s programs while typing (can get there from myUCDavis) myUCDavis) Start Start using Python Install Python on your computer Link Link to Python download page and directions on course Web site We We can help during lab hours if you have a laptop laptop What to do this weekend Look Look at the first assignment on the Web page Install Install Python on your computer OR go to the lab and log on and try starting Python Get the book and read the first 11 pages while fi 1 1 sitting in front of a computer and typing along. 4 Announcments No No sections met this week Lab Lab hours and sections starting Monday I will be at Tu 11am lab hour will My My office hour is W 2pm. Administrative issues only. 5 ...
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