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practice - the fouling plates How are they similar 11 What...

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1. Define xylem and phloem. 2. Define micronutrient. Give an example. 3. Define macronutrient. Give an example. 4. What is phenotypic plasticity (roughly acclimation)? How does it differ from adaptation? 5. What determines how well an organ can absorb nutrients? 6. Describe phagocytosis. 7. Why might multicellularity be an advantage for a heterotroph? 8. What are homodont and heterodont dentition? 9. What is an alternative hypothesis? 10. How are transect and quadrat partitioning fundamentally different from what you did with
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Unformatted text preview: the fouling plates? How are they similar? 11. What is allopatry? Sympatry? 12. Discuss prezygotic and postzygotic isolation. 13. What is biomass? 14. What is risk assessment? 15. What is a genotype frequency, phenotype frequency, allele frequency? 16. What is a chromosome map? 17. Describe the 4 sections of a scientific report....
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