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Study_Outline Lab_Practical - Study Outline for BIS 2B Lab...

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TA Christy Bowles Disclaimer: This outline is meant to be a study tool only. It is not comprehensive and should be used in conjunction with your lab notebook, homework assignments, pre-labs and the practice test in the BLC. Confused about material? It may help to reference lecture notes or the textbook or ask for help from your classmates, instructors in the BLC and/or me. Bottom line- the outline covers what I think is important, emphasizing re-occurring themes and important concepts, but I didn t write the test. You can be tested on anything from the labs and lab book. I also include a few hints at common mistakes. For each term below, you should be able to define it and understand how to apply it (i.e. it s not enough to be able to define diversity, you should also know why we use it, how to calculate You don t need to memorize formulas; they will be given to you on the exam. You will need to know how to use the formulas. Bring a pencil (multiple choice) and pen (short-answer). General hints · Show your work, if you set-up the problem right and make a math error you may get partial credit. · If you have time, double check your calculations. · Avoid information dumps- incorrect information will cancel out a correct answer. · Pay attention to the question- I m amazed at how many students miss questions for not fully answering the question or for not answering as asked. Look for key words- explain means you need to discuss your answer in a sentence or two, list means you can just give the answer. Look out for two part questions. · The BLC is crazy just before exams- plan ahead and allow extra time. · For each experiment you did in class, be sure you understand all treatments and hypotheses. You are likely to see some of the same set-ups on the lab practical, with questions about what you can learn from comparing two treatments , interpreting results or what evidence you would need to demonstrate a concept. General Themes
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Study_Outline Lab_Practical - Study Outline for BIS 2B Lab...

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