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PAPER NO: 16-7102/EXAM/S1/10 SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences SEMESTER ONE EXAMINATIONS - JANUARY 2010 Module Title: Business Process Management Module No: 16-7102 Module Leader(s): Dr. D Clegg Prof. S. Saad Time Allowed: 2 hours plus 10 minutes reading time Stationery requirements (per student) : 16 Page Anonymous Answer Booklet Supplementary Answer Sheets (Available on Request) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. The University Regulations on academic conduct, including cheating and plagiarism, apply to all examinations. 2. The normal examination regulations of the University apply (see script answer book). Please do NOT start writing until told to do so by the Invigilator. 3. Candidates must NOT use red ink on the script answer book. 4. The memory of any programmable/graphical calculator used during this examination must be cleared before the start of the paper. 5. Answer THREE questions in total, with a minimum of ONE from each section. THIS PAPER CONTAINS 7 PAGES INCLUDING THIS SHEET 1
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PAPER NO: 16-7102/EXAM/S1/10 SECTION A Answer a minimum of ONE and a maximum of TWO questions from this section. 1. Following a successful completion of a postgraduate course in Business Process Management, you have joined a medium-sized manufacturing company. Although the company is well known for its product range, in recent years, the company has lost a significant number of customers. It appears that the company was making significant investment in acquiring new customers but not much attention was paid to retaining existing customers. As a graduate with a good understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you have been asked to propose an action plan to address this issue. Describe the key elements of your action plan and explain the role of CRM software within the context of your action plan. Total (30 Marks) 2. Amazon is an online retailer of books, video games, toys, music and video recordings. In this type of business there will be variety of business processes which take place such as: search for item, check stock availability, place the order, credit check, billing invoice, payment received, order confirmation and packing and delivery, etc. The Executive Manager of Amazon has been impressed by the
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