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1 TRENDS IN BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT Huberts, Arjen, Erasmus University Rotterdam, [email protected] Petten, Alexander van, Erasmus University Rotterdam, [email protected] Abstract BPM is continuous changing and there are different trends within this management. A company that has implemented BPM systems uses tools to design, enact, control and analyze business processes involving humans, organizations, applications, documents and other source information. A company uses BPM to have a competitive advantage. BPM systems are constantly developing. One of the last, and also one of the most exciting trends at this moment is the simultaneously implementation of SOA and BPM. An SOA makes it possible to design more flexibility in the design of processes and therefore it is more adaptive to external changes. BPM can be seen as a tool for an SOA because it gives an overview of the service specifications for the technical services that are used to create an SOA. So it is the actual business processes and not the services that determine the SOA design. Hence it would be a mistake for company to implement one without the other. Companies, who only use one of the two, miss the opportunity of enhancing their business efficiency.
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2 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction This paper is a result of the study project Economics & Informatics 2007/2008. The main theme of this study project is innovation. Within this research our focus will be on trends in Business Process Management. Every company has certain goals and objectives. They all want to understand the processes that have been used to reach their goals. Almost every company uses Business Process Management to some extent to get a grip on their business processes. Companies cannot afford to make extra unnecessary costs anymore. At first the companies wanted to decrease their costs with getting a better view on their processes. But now Business Process Management, BPM, focuses on the business goals and organizational structure. BPM has developed rapidly and is still developing. There are some different trends in BPM at the moment. The Business processes are more automated then a couple of years ago. The processes shift more towards the customer side. The gap between customer and service provider has become obscured. This is known as the personalization of BPM. Business Rule Management systems maintain a repository of business rules that represent the policies and procedures of an enterprise results. Therefore systems are faster in development, faster maintenance, clearer auditability, more reusable business logic, greater consistency and better alignment and understanding between business and IT. BRM will be used as a service to applications and processes. BRM will therefore become a tool for BPM. 1
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2335647-Trends-in-Business-Process-Management - TRENDS IN...

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