Research and Design of EERP based on SOA and BPM

Research and Design of EERP based on SOA and BPM - Research...

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Research and Design of EERP:End-to-End Resource Planning Based on SOA and BPM Baoan Li Computer School Beijing Information Science and Technology University Beijing, China Weizhen Zhou Computer School Beijing Information Science and Technology University Beijing, China Abstract: End-to-End Resource Planning (EERP) is an attention field of software engineering in recent years. But the question most persons concern with is how to connect different of value activities, by which could bring profits with enterprises. After analyzing the production value chains and service requirements of power enterprise, it attempts to design and accomplish the end-to-end resource planning by the combination of SOA and BPM, then explore the new avenue and measure to build the power industry EERP. It is also the key to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market. Then, it can help enterprise to enhance competition and improve their profits. This paper expatiated the methods based on SOA and BPM in detail and has fully proved the feasibility and superiority developed in EERP system integration based on SOA and BPM. Keywords: EERP (End-to-End Resources Planning); SOA (Service Oriented Architecture); BPM (Business Process Management); ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) I. INTRODUCTION Traditionally, ERP systems were focused on optimization of the enterprise-internal process, and not equipped with interaction possibilities with external parties. The key to remain competitive in 21 st century is the ability of an enterprise to describe, standardize, and adapt the way it reacts to the business activities, and how it collaborate with customers, suppliers, partners and competitors. Business innovation and collaboration will require dynamic end-to-end integration and runtime optimization of business process across value chains. End-to-End Resources Planning (EERP) is initiated to serve this purpose. BPM on SOA is discipline that combines software capabilities and business expertise to accelerate innovation and optimization of the end-to-end business process. Therefore, BPM and SOA technologies are combined as the core technology for EERP. II . SOA AND ENTERPRISE SERVICE BUS In SOA, services are wrapped as loosely coupled reusable web services. However, at implementation time, there is no way to loosely couple a service or any other interaction between systems. The systems must have some common understanding to conduct an interaction. Instead, to achieve the benefits of loose coupling, consideration should be given to how to couple or decouple various aspects of service interactions, such as the platform and language in which services are implemented, the communication protocols used to invoke services, and the data formats used to exchange input and output data between service consumers and providers.
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Research and Design of EERP based on SOA and BPM - Research...

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