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TOGAF - Meta Model A - Performance & Value Management

TOGAF - Meta Model A - Performance & Value...

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TOGAF Meta Model A: How to apply Performance Management & Value Management to TOGAF Meta Model A Prof. Dr. Mark von Rosing Sr. Lecturer, Copenhagen Business School Sr. Lecturer IT University of Copenhagen Global SAP Development Partner Global Open Group (TOGAF) Development Partner Leading of the BPM and EA RoundTable SAP University Alliances
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This presentation and the Models, Method , Roadmap and Framework and its associated tools is Intellectual Capital developed by Value Team ApS and limitations apply to the reuse of this IC. Intellectual Capital consists of information, knowledge, objects, experience, wisdom and/or ideas that are structured to enable reuse to deliver value creation and realization. Value Team ApS provides open access to the Models, Method , Roadmap and Framework deliverables for all who have been at a Value Team ApS course, to encourage sharing and reuse of information, increase knowledge, and ultimately improve your engagements. With this increased access comes greater personal responsibilities for all of us. Value Team ApS intellectual capital is valuable proprietary information, yet often it is not recognized as such and given away or made available for others that should not use this IC without prior training.
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