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Biol 1401 Quiz 4 Feb 18 th , 2011 1. The two phases of a cell cycle is  interphase  and  mitosis . (2pts) 2. Which of the followings is not a phase during interphase? (2pts)  a) Growth phase one    b)   Metaphase    c) Growth phase two      d) DNA  synthesis (replication) phase 3. Which of the followings is the characteristic of anaphase?  (2pts)  a) chromosomes become visible     b) sister chromatids are separated  and  move towards two opposite end of the cell as the shortening of 
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Unformatted text preview: the spindle fibers c) chromosomes align in the center of the cell d) new cell wall is forming in between two daughter cells 4. Sexual reproduction is importance because it allows the accumulation of the genetic changes over time . (2pts) 5. During meiosis, the chromosome number is reduced to half after ______. (2pts) a) DNA replication b) equal division c) metaphase of the second division d) reduction division...
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