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Biol 1401 Quiz 6 March 4 th , 2011 1. Sori ________. (2pts) a) can be found all over the plant body of ferns b) are disease spots on the leaf c) are gametophyte structures d) are clusters of the sporangia 2. ______ are the important source of the coal that human consumes today. (2 pts) a) ferns and their relatives b) gymnosperms c) angiosperms d) bryophytes 3. Which of the followings is not true about gymnosperms? (2pts) a) water is not required for fertilization b) sporophyte generation is dominant c) have seeds which are enclosed within fruit structure d) do not have flower structures
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Which of the following is not a factor contributes to the dominance of angiosperms 100 mya? (2pts) a) angiosperms have simplified gametophytes compare to gymnosperms b) DNA modification creates various physiological characteristics for angiosperms c) genetic plasticity creates various morphological characters that helps angiosperms to adapt to different environment d) angiosperms have simplified sporophytes compare to gymnosperms 5. The male cones of conifers produce__ pollens ______; the mature female cones of conifers carries ___ seeds ____ on them. ( 1pt each)...
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