Lecture 8 - HIS 208 Lecture 8 2/9/11 A System of Complete...

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HIS 208 Lecture 8 2/9/11 A System of Complete Medical Police Written by JP Frank Compendium of medical police started in 1779 Written mostly from a populationist view Concern of the political authority to grow a healthy, large population People can be viewed as livestock Need a robust herd for the country to prosper Everything has a relationship to the health of the population Attempt to keep people healthy is not because of empathy or feeling for the people Pg 84-85 Writes as a populist, identifies with the people He could be writing with empathy or it might be that empathy is only a side effect of the best course with respect to the populationist view He could be writing from a populationist view to get the political member that he is advising to do the right thing Can’t tell the political member to do the morally correct thing because it is morally right, needs to craft it as being best for the political agenda Earthling Released in 2005 Documentary about the horrors of animal slaughtering Meant to convey that we are all of equal standing, all animals of the earth Scenario You see a peasant pounding on his mule because the mule refuses to budge How do you get him to stop? Don’t tell him to stop because you can’t stand animal cruelty Tell him that if you stop beating the mule, it might be more willing to follow your commands This could be what Frank is doing when he advises his political audience He is couching his views so that the political members will think that Frank’s motives are in their best interest The People’s Misery: Mother of Diseases
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Lecture 8 - HIS 208 Lecture 8 2/9/11 A System of Complete...

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