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NAME: _ DATE: _ STUDENT # _ BID 203 JmA~Omg Second Quarterly Exam EXAM A Fall 2009 (2 points each question) Only use CAfIIALletters in your answer: A not a B b C c D d E e No Regrade For Pencil
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____1. Some presynaptic fibers, of the greater splanchnic nerve, pass through the celiac ganglion un-synapsed. To where are these fibers going? A. Adrenal medulla B. Heart C. Liver D. Kidneys ____2. The vagus nerve sends parasympathetic axons to the Gl-tract, down to the majority of the transverse colon. What sends parasympathetic axons to the rest of the GI-tract? A. The greater splanchnic nerve B. The lesser splanchnic nerve C. The pelvic splanchnic nerves D. The lumbar splanchnic nerves ____3. Which receptor ending splits then spirals in opposite directions around local collagen fibers? A. Merkel's disks B. Pacinian corpuscles C. Palisade endings D. Ruffini endings ____4. Which would never be found in a muscle spindle? A. Bag fibers Typical chain fibers C. Extrafusal fibers D. Long chain fibers ____5. The Golgi tendon organ is measuring muscle: A. size tension C. length change D. rate of muscle length change ____6. What is the area where the cornea meets the sclera called? A. Coronal angle B. Coronal bend C. Limbus D. Scleral angle ____7. The posterior 2/3 of the ciliary body is a relatively flat area called the: A. orbicularis ciliaris ora serrata C. corona ciliaris D. su bciliaris ____8. Which glia cells extend from the vitreous body to the inner segments of the rods .ind (Jill'S' A.
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Fall09_2ndQutrExamA - NAME: DATE: STUDENT # _ _ _ BID 2 03...

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