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CSCE 629 Homework 3 June 16, 2010 Homework 3 is due Wednesday, June 23 in class. Read chapters 15-17. Turn in 1. Problem 15-1, page 404. Suppose that we are given a directed acyclic graph G = (V,E) with real valued edge weights and two distinguished vertices s and t. Describe a dynamic programming approach for Fnding a longest weighted simple path from s to t. What does the subproblem graph look like? What is the efficiency of your algorithm? 2. Problem 15-9, page 410 3. Exercise 16.1-4, page 422
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Problem 16-2, page 447 5. Suppose you were trying to maintain dynamic tables as the text de-scribed, but your goal is to ensure that the table is never less than 1/10 full. What size table would you move to when the table is full? What size table would you move to when a deletion would cause the table to be less than 1/10 full? What potential function would you use to show the amortized time is linear? Using your potential function, show that the time is linear. 1...
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