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Abstract: This experiment the absorption was observed for un known solution#2 from spectrophotometer .140 nm. Also, the concentration for phosphorous was calculated 3.15 ppm. Introduction : The determination of Phosphorous uses the Molybdate as a complexing agent. The method is based on the spectrophotometer determination of phosphorous by reacting potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate with molybdate-vanadate in acidic media. A yellow colored complex will be formed absorbing at the wavelength of maximum absorbance ג max at 430 nm. This complex was found to obey Beers’ Low with absorbance proportional to the phosphorous concentration. To find the concentration of solution diluting by water by V1 x C1 = V2 x C2 Objective: "To determine phosphorous in its molecular form using Molecular Spectrophotometric Method" Apparatus: A Spectronic 20 Spectrophotometer Chemicals: Molybdate Vandate regent 25 g ammonium molydate (NH 4 ) 6 Mo 7 O 24 . 4 H 2 O are dissolved in 300 mL distilled water. 1.25 g ammonium
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Exp_1_Spectrophotometric_Methods - Abstract: This...

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