Exp_2_Simultaneous_Analysis - Introduction: The...

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Introduction : The proportionality relationship between the absorbance of a substance and its concentration is A = ЄbC A = kC Where, k is the absorptive constant. The total absorbance of the solution at some wavelengths λ1 and λ2 is the some of the individual absorbencies. That is, A1 = k A λ1 C A +k B λ1 C B A2 = k A λ2 C A +k B λ2 C B Objective: "To determine the concentration of the two components in an unknown mixture using beer’s law and the additive property of the wave lengths." Apparatus: Automatic-recording double beam UV/vis spectrophotometer 1-cm plastic absorption cells Pipettes: 5 ml / 10 ml / 20 ml Volumetric flasks: 100 ml / 25 ml Cr (NO3)2. 9H2O Co (NO3)2. 6H2O Data: Cobalt II Volume Absorbance @ 510 Absorbance @ 575 05 ml .240 0.06 10 ml .407 0.09 20 ml .927 0.175 Chromium III Volume Absorbance @ 510 Absorbance @ 575 05 ml 0.075 .144 10 ml 0.115 0.263 20 ml 0.21 0.502 Unknown Absorbance @ 510 Absorbance @ 575 0.64 0.27
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Exp_2_Simultaneous_Analysis - Introduction: The...

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