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Exp: # 07 Abdullah Barashid Dec 11 th 2006 Sec: # 51 236343 Omar Bugshan 236287 Title: ION EXCHANGE CHROMATOGRAPHY ( Determination of Sodium Using Ion-Exchange Chromatography Followed by EDTA Titration ) Objective: "To demonstrate the use of ion exchange resins in column chromatography and its use in quantitative analysis. Sodium will be determined with the aid of a cation exchange resin." Apparatus: Chromatograph Column (the Chromatographic Column provided is filled to a height of 25cm with Dowex 50W-X4 resin in the H+ form) 100 ml volumetric flask, 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask Chemicals: Magnesium chloride, 5% w/v Sodium chloride Buffer solution, pH 10 Eroichrome Black T (EBT) Indicator Ethylenediaminetetraceticacid (EDTA) solution, 0.05 M. Dowex 50W-X4 resin in H+ form PH paper Deionised Water (DI) Data: Unknown: EVEN Conc. of titrant: 0.05 M Volume of titrant: 09 mL
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o At the equivalence point moles of analyte = moles of titrant
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Exp_7_Ion_Exchange_Chormatography - Exp: # 07 Sec: # 51...

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