Exp_8_Gas-liquid_Chromatography - accelerate the separation...

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Exp: # 8 Abdullah Barashid Dec 18 th 2006 Sec: # 51 (236343) Omar Bugshan 236287 Title: GAS-LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY ( Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of a Mixture of Hydrocarbons using Gas-Liquid Chromatography ) Objective: "To analyze an unknown mixture of hydrocarbons using Gas chromatography. The chromatograph is equipped with a thermal conductivity detector, the carrier gas is helium, and the columns are stainless steel" Apparatus: Detector TCD Injector Temp 200 o C Filament Temp 250 o C Flow He 28mL/min Temperature Program Chemicals: Standard Solutions of the mixture components: Unknown mixture of above components Data: Chromatograms attached
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Similarly: Component Conc. std Conc. unkn C6 13206.0 12446 ppm C7 13675.2 4518.7 ppm C8 14050.0 10533.7 ppm C9 14352.0 10141.8 ppm Temperature programming is used to improve, simplify, or
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Unformatted text preview: accelerate the separation and identification of the sample components. It produces nicely shaped peaks and a total analysis time shorter than the isothermal operation. Very interesting method, and with the improvement of technology in the device used in this experiment, a printout including: retention time, area and % area under peak, height and even the ( 29 ppm 12446 13206 12862 12122 standard of Area unknown of Area C6 ppm 3206 1 1 1000 1000 10 6603 . 100 2 C6 412 . 3 Unknown the of Time Re 12122 C Unknown the of Peak 181 . 3 Standard the of Time Re 12862 C Standard the of Peak tan unknown 3 6 3 standard 6 6 = × = = = = = = = = dard s C Peak Peak g mg L cm cm g tention Area tention Area concentration was displayed for all components present in sample....
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Exp_8_Gas-liquid_Chromatography - accelerate the separation...

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