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Part of speech Sentence : words including noun and verb Subject : person, place, thing, or idea that is doing or being something. Can find if you can find the verb. Ex) the computers (subject) in the Learing Center must be replaced (verb)” Count Noun Non-count noun : only singular form (homework) Action verb : jump Linking verb : connects a subject and its complement. Ex) I am calm. The verb links I and calm. Ex) George Washington became the first president. Became links George and President Helping verb : am as are was were been be can has shall will do does did have should may might being would must could had Transitive verb : requires both a drect subject and one or more object. Ex) he runs a large corporation. (the verb runs has a direct object, corporation.) Intransitive verb: Associates only one noun or noun phrase. Ex) He runs around the block daily. ( no direct object) Subjective Personal pronoun:
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