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rewrite 1 - Yae-Ji Chung ESL 21A ESSAY 1 What kind of test...

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Yae-Ji Chung 2010-09-28 ESL 21A ESSAY 1 What kind of test do you prefer to take? Tests are divided into two parts: subjective tests and objective tests. Subjective tests require you to figure out the answer based on multiple choices, such as True/False or fill in the blank questions with the word bank provided. Most of students prefer to have objective tests. However, there are few students who prefer to have subjective tests. Subjective tests require us to think more carefully and deeply. Also, they require more knowledge. At the same time, the subjective tests give more opportunities to show what we know and what we learned. However, subjective tests not only have advantages, but also disadvantages. On objective tests, test-takes are given choices which include the correct answer. However, subjective tests do not offer almost any hints, which means we have to write answer with the knowledge we have. At the same time, because we have to use our knowledge, subjective tests require a longer time than objective tests. This gives us more opportunities to show our thoughts.
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