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Yae-Ji Chung 2010-09-22 ESL 21A Summary of Ethnographic Research: Its History, Methods, and Theories Cultural anthropologists started to research about their cultures, tradition and people in that country during the heyday of colonialism (1870s-1950s). When they were doing the research about their traditional lives, they noticed that their lives are very similar to the ancestors of Europeans. So, they called the old traditional group as “primitive”. Because primitives are enthnocentric terminology, anthropologists thought they have their own way to servive. Therefore, they wanted to respect them, and people changed to call as “undeveloped” tradition. Even though they were called as undeveloped people, the big companies wanted to have a change. Therefore, big companies gave some pressures to
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Unformatted text preview: change their living lives. Each countries did not have specific rules. So, the anthropologists used the ethnographic fieldwork method. This means to get involved into the society and find out more informations about each villiages’ lives. Until now, anthropologists “still feature personal observation of and participation in the everyday activities of the community”. With all the information that the anthropologists gather, they provide the basic collected information for athnology or a theory. Anthropologists announces that the information they give for athnology is not always the correct answer. They only give us anything that can be possibly right answer. Therefore, there might be better answer based on the new datas they find out in this days....
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